Our  dairy operation centers around the well-being and productivity of our more than 120 dairy animals, inclusive of mature animals, heifers, and calves. Remarkably, 99% of our dairy herd comprises the esteemed Friesian breed, known for its superior milk production, while 1% is dedicated to the Ayrshire breed, adding a touch of diversity to our herd.
As we continue to prioritize the health and contentment of our animals, we maintain a stringent breeding system employing selected Artificial Insemination. This strategic approach aims to progressively achieve over 90% pure dairy breeds, ensuring the continuation of our commitment to excellence.

Currently, 30% of our total herd are active milkers, contributing to an impressive daily output of over 900 liters of milk. The exceptional quality and quantity of our milk are attributed to our meticulous feeding regimen, where over 90% of the high-nutrient feeds are grown directly on our farm.
In line with our 5-year development plan, we aspire to increase our daily lactating animals to 200, further solidifying our position as a leading dairy enterprise. Our dedication extends beyond mere milk production; we actively engage in value addition through the crafting of fresh yogurt, diversifying our offerings to meet the evolving needs of our expanding customer base.


Within our farm, we maintain an average of 100 beef animals spanning various ages. To ensure premium quality and effective management, we categorize our beef section into distinct age lots. This meticulous approach allows us to supply high-quality meat and various products to institutions and our local community.
The expansion of this section led to the establishment of a fully equipped slaughterhouse facility on our premises, adhering to government regulations. This facility ensures compliance with stringent standards while processing our beef products. 
The superior quality of our meat and beef offerings has significantly elevated our standing in the market, leading to a surge in popularity among our customer base. Our commitment to delivering top-notch products has been instrumental in securing a loyal following and fostering trust among our patrons.

Pigs farming

At our farm, we currently maintain an average of 200 pigs of varying ages, primarily focusing on rearing the Large White and Landrace breeds. Embracing the evolving dynamics, we’ve set our sights on increasing our pig population to 1000 by the year 2028.
Our mature Sows exhibit exceptional fertility, producing an average litter of 12 piglets per farrowing, twice a year. To ensure the health and genetic diversity of our piggery herd, we’ve implemented robust record-keeping systems alongside a comprehensive tagging system. This strategic approach is instrumental in preventing in-breeding and preserving the overall health and genetic vitality of our pigs.
Within our farm, pig rearing serves a dual purpose: catering to meat production and the sale of piglets. This approach not only meets the demand for pork but also provides opportunities for sales in the piglet market, contributing to the overall sustainability and growth of our pig rearing enterprise.
Goats and Sheep Farming

At present, our farm boasts a diverse herd comprising over 150 dairy goats and sheep, serving dual purposes for both milk and meat production. The management approach for our sheep involves a combination of free-range practices and an enclosed feeding program. On the other hand, our dairy goats are managed through a zero-grazing system. This decision is driven by the high susceptibility of these goats to tropical diseases and environmental challenges, including extreme cold or heat.
Reproduction for our sheep occurs twice a year, with 80% of them experiencing double kidding due to controlled breeding practices. This strategic approach ensures optimal breeding outcomes and contributes to the overall efficiency of our flock. On average, our dairy goats produce 2 liters of milk per day, reflecting the success of our meticulous management and breeding programs.
In conclusion, leveraging the diverse array of animals on our farm, we engage in value addition by producing and selling yogurt following the milking of our cows. Additionally, our offerings extend to the sale of cow and goat milk, as well as a selection of pork, beef, and mutton available at our butchery.”
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