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Nyeri Hill Farm Coffee

Exquisite High Quality Coffee

Our focus has always been production of high quality natural coffee while promoting sustainability. This top quality coffee from the slopes of the central highlands in the heartland of the coffee growing area has always been referred to as the ‘NYERI’ origins. The main varieties includes: SL 28-82%, Ruiru11-14% and Batian- 4%. Nyeri coffee can be classified as FAQ+ and is known for its distinct ‘Kenyan Flavour’.


Nyeri Hill Farm produces an average of 400 tons of Green Beans annually but with the introduction of irrigation, the farm is expected to produce at least 600 tons of high quality coffee beans.


Out of the 3000 acres of land,825 Acres are under Coffee. This ranks the farm among the oldest and the largest coffee plantations in Africa.
Since 1934 the farm has maintained both a wet mill and a dry mill which the Consolata Fathers would use to mill their own coffee and export it back to Turin, their birth place in Italy.

Code of Conduct

The farm has adopted the KCGA code of conduct as a guiding principle on workers welfare on housing, use of safety garments and sensitization of workers rumination).


Our coffee has at least four sustainability Certifications which is a big boast in our International marketing strategies. Some of the Certifications advocates for mono cultural type of farming and therefore including other small units like Horticulture may adversely affect the marketing strategy that has been adopted.

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